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Pet Spaying Jacksonville FL

Pet Spaying is a term used to describe the sterilization procedure of females which prevents her from having puppies or kittens. The procedure of pet spaying most often consists of removal of the uterus and ovaries called an Ovariohysterectomy and both procedures are performed under general anesthesia and involve a surgical incision. If the ovaries are not removed, the hormone-producing organs are still there, therefore increasing the chances of mammary cancer. Spaying is one of the most common surgeries performed on cats, dogs, and other pets; and the overall incidence of complications is very low.

At Baymeadows Animal Hospital in Jacksonville FL, our goal is to keep your pet healthy and happy. A dog or cat that is spayed tends to have fewer health problems; by removing the ovaries and uterus, this will eliminate uterine infections like pyometra which is fatal if left untreated, ovarian cysts, and cancer of the reproductive tract. Spayed pets have a significantly lower chance of developing mammary tumors and should live longer healthier lives.
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An additional benefit to include is your pet may be quieter and not inclined to the persistent need to seek out a mate once spayed. Your pet will no longer attract males and their bothersome advances and will not have messy heat cycles. Pet spaying also prevents unwanted litters and may reduce many of the behavioral problems associated with the mating instinct. Your pet will tend to be more gentle and affectionate and also easier to get along with. Call Baymeadows animal clinic Jacksonville FL today and ask about other benefits in having your cat or dog spayed! (904) 733-5100.

What happens during pet spaying surgery?

Your pet will be sedated and anesthetized so she will not feel any pain or will not be aware of what is happening. Her vital signs will be closely monitored by our trained veterinary staff and the veterinarian will make a small incision on her belly area and remove the two ovaries and uterus. Once the ovaries and uterus are removed, the veterinarian begins the closure of the body by stitching the incision back together.

What happens after pet spaying surgery?

dog pet spayingIt is important that your pet is kept comfortable, quiet, with limited or restricted activity following surgery. Too much activity can actually delay the healing process or cause post- surgical complications. Most pets are up and alert shortly after their spaying surgery and after resting quietly for a couple of days, are back to their ‘normal’ self.

Our staff at Baymeadows Animal Hospital is dedicated to go above and beyond normal expectations to closely and carefully monitor your pet through the entire procedure. Make your appointment today with Baymeadows spay clinic to begin your pet spaying process. Your pet will live a longer, healthier life!

Pet spaying will not only improve your pet’s health but, will also save on the cost of pet care. Whether you are looking to spaying a cat or spaying a dog, Bameadows Animal Hospital is the place to call for all your pet spaying services! Your pets will receive the best care from our professional and compassionate Veterinarian and staff.

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