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Pet Neutering Jacksonville FL

pet neutering jacksonville flPet Neutering is a general term used to describe the sterilization or castration of male pets for numerous purposes such as genetic disease control, medical health benefits, behavioral modification as well as pet population control. The procedure of pet neutering is the surgical removal of a male pet’s testicles called an orchiectomy or sometimes referred to as gonadectomy and is performed under anesthesia. Neutering is one of the most common surgeries performed on dogs, cats, and other pets; and the overall incidence of complications is extremely low.

Our goal, at Baymeadows Animal Hospital in Jacksonville FL, is to keep your pet happy and healthy. A dog or cat that is neutered tends to have fewer health problems as well as reduce urine marking in your house, decreased aggression and roaming, and increased concentration. The most significant medical benefit to be gained from pet neutering is the prevention of testicular cancer and prostate problems.

Pet neutering surgery

pet neutering dog jacksonville fl

Pet neutering surgery removes the testes and eradicates the risk of your pet developing testicular cancer which could be life-threatening cancer in older male pets. As your pet gets older, your pet’s prostate will progressively enlarge which can become uncomfortable for him and will make urination challenging. While neutering doesn’t completely guard against prostate cancer, it does prevent enlargement and possible infection of the prostate.
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What happens during pet neutering surgery?

Your pet will be sedated and anesthetized so he will not feel any pain or will not be aware of what is happening. His vital signs will be closely monitored by our trained veterinary staff and the veterinarian will make a small incision removing the testicles. Once removed, the veterinarian begins the closure of the wound in a way that will make it less prone to infection.

What happens after pet neutering surgery?

dog pet neutering jacksonville flFor the first few days after surgery, your pet’s scrotum will be swollen. It is important that your pet is kept comfortable, quiet, with limited or restricted activity following surgery. Too much activity can delay the healing process or cause post- surgical complications. Most pets are up and alert shortly after their neutering surgery and after resting quietly for a couple of days, are back to their ‘normal’ self.

Neutering will not only improve your pet’s health but, will also save on the cost of pet care. Whether you are looking for cat or dog neutering, Bameadows Animal Hospital is the place to call for all your pet neutering services! Your pets will receive the best care from our professional and compassionate Veterinarian and staff.

Pet spaying and neutering is just one of the many veterinary services performed at Baymeadows Animal Hospital!  Call today to schedule your appointment!

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