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pet microchipsPet microchips are a permanent identification perfect for your furry family members!  Every cat and dog need to wear a collar with tags even if they are inside pets but, what would happen if your pet slips outside and wanders off?  Pets are curious and could leave your sight in a split second.  Although it is important for pets to wear a collar with tags, this does not guarantee you will be reunited with them if the collar and tags are lost as your pet tries to find his way back home.

In all situations, the best defense of this happening to your pet would be to provide extra identification and pet microchips are the best permanent identification alternative in identifying lost animals.  The sole function of pet microchips is to store a unique ID number used to retrieve the pet owners contact information.  When a dog or cat is found, any shelter or veterinarian will use a microchip scanner to locate the implanted chip and read the unique ID code.  Following security checks, the microchip registry releases pet owner information so you can be contacted and reunited with your missing pet.

What are pet microchips?

Microchips are very small transponders which use a radio frequency to transmit all information regarding your pet.  It is so small and is compared to the size of one grain of rice.  It is implanted under the pet’s skin between the shoulder blades and lasts the lifetime of your pet.

Is a pet microchip painful?microchip your pet

It is a simple but, safe procedure and takes just a few seconds.  There is minimal discomfort and the pain is short-lived and minimal much like a routine vaccination.

Each year, millions of pets are separated from owners without any hope of returning.  Losing your pet can be a traumatic and even tragic event.   A pet microchip is necessary when recovering your pet if the unthinkable happens and your pet is lost.  Don’t let your pet become a statistic.

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