Pet Insurance Plans

Pet Wellness Plans is not Pet Insurance Plans

Pet Wellness plans are a convenient and affordable way to provide the care your Pet needs but, is not pet insurance plans. Instead, a pet wellness plan is a pre-paid collection of discounted health care services for your pet which is much better than pet insurance plans as it offers so much more for your pet’s health care
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Affordable Pet Wellness Plans as opposed to Pet Insurance Plans in Jacksonville FL

Pet Wellness plans focus on preventative services that keep your pet healthy. By focusing on prevention, Wellness plans help us better understand your pet’s regular health care needs. Because we understand your Pet’s health baseline, we are more likely to detect a problem before conditions worsen. Early diagnosis can also result in a better prognosis.

Highlights of Our Pet Wellness Plans:

  • Our plans allow you to pay for your pet’s preventive care, at a Greatly Reduced Rate, and Spread the Cost over 12 Months, all with No Interest!
  • Multiple Free Office Visits/Exams are included with our plans
  • Discounts of up to 50% on our medical services
  • Provided Discounts on Other Services, not included in your Wellness Pet Plan to help you better provide much-needed care for your pet.

Download Our Wellness Plan Brochure Here

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