Heartworm Awareness

cat and dog heartworm awarenessHeartworms in pets are common throughout this country but, dogs and cats alike are at a greater risk on the East Coast due to the hot, humid conditions in which mosquitoes thrive.  They are the most damaging parasites and 100% preventable.

Heartworms are a parasitic worm that live in the heart and pulmonary arteries of an infected pet and travel through the bloodstream.  Once in the bloodstream, the parasites harm arteries and vital organs as they travel ultimately reaching their destination to the heart and lung vessels.  The approximate time frame is 6 months after an initial infection and can survive in a pet for 5-7 years.

This disease is serious and can be terminal but, the good news …it is easily preventable with an inexpensive chewable pill or topical available only with a veterinarian’s prescription and is administered monthly.  The prescription for Heartworms can be given to dogs under the age of 6 months without a blood test but, adult dogs must be screened for Heartworms prior to starting on the medication.  Contrary to dogs, cats must undergo a screening before administering a Heartworm preventative.

April is designated for Heartworm Awareness and we are offering $10 off a Heartworm test for your pet.  Heartworm disease is costly and requires a series of injections which include hospitalization in certain circumstances.  All treatments require several weeks of restricted exercise therefore, the alternative is a safer option and much better for you and your pet.  Have your pet tested for Heartworms today!

Dr. G

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